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Data & Voice Cabling Solutions

Along with audio-visual design and install services, Marjet Communications is a leading provider of data/voice cabling solutions in Cleveland and the greater Northeast OH area. At Marjet, we know that a reliable and high-performing cabling infrastructure is essential for the smooth operation of a modern-day data network. As a provider of professional cabling services and solutions, we have years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining cabling systems that meet the unique needs of our clients.
Data & Voice Cabling Solutions at Marjet Communications in Northeast OH area
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At Marjet, we know that a reliable and high-performing cabling infrastructure is essential for the smooth operation of a modern-day data network.
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Cabling Services

Voice & Data Cabling

Our expert technicians specialize in the installation and maintenance of various types of cabling, including Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6E, Cat6A, and Fiber Optic, ensuring reliable and high-speed connectivity for voice and data networks.

Gigabit Capable Solutions

We offer cutting-edge solutions for high-speed networks, including Gigabit, 10-Gig, 40-Gig, and 100-Gig, to enable faster data transfer and support bandwidth-intensive applications for businesses that require maximum network performance.

Audio/Video Cabling

Experience unparalleled audio and video connectivity with our expertly installed and integrated cabling solutions. From HDMI and USB-C to speakers and more, our skilled team ensures seamless connectivity and enhances audio and video experiences in any setting.

Structured Cabling for Offices

We provide structured cabling solutions tailored for office environments, ensuring efficient and organized connectivity across multiple devices and systems, minimizing downtime, and improving productivity.

Copper & Fiber Optic Backbone Cabling & Service Extensions

Our experts excel in deploying backbone cabling solutions for both copper and fiber optic networks, enabling reliable connections across entire infrastructures, as well as service extensions to expand connectivity as needed.

Industrial & Commercial Cabling

Our specialized industrial and commercial cabling services cater to the unique needs of industries and professional sectors, providing robust and reliable connectivity solutions to support critical operations and demanding environments.

Outdoor, Pole to Pole & Underground Cabling

Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle outdoor cabling challenges, including pole-to-pole and underground installations, enabling connectivity in various outdoor environments while ensuring durability and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Cable Tray & Ladder Rack Support Systems

We offer cable tray and ladder rack support system installations, providing efficient organization and management of cabling to prevent tangling, ensure easy access for maintenance, and optimize airflow for enhanced system performance.

Wireless Network Cabling

Our wireless network cabling services provide comprehensive solutions for seamless connectivity. From installing structured cabling for wireless access points to optimizing network performance, we ensure reliable and efficient wireless connections throughout your premises.

Discover how we can optimize your cabling infrastructure for seamless connectivity & performance.

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